To the chameleon.


Why does everyone seem exceptionally more extraordinary than me?

The question seemingly every young adult asks themselves if they don’t feel the sense of acceptance among peers.

Ideals, as well as social “norms” and trends, tend to differ between the different communities around the globe, but the concept of “fitting in” is never changing.    

Beginning in youth, children establish the awareness of forming bonds and friendships with communities of people they thrive in, but do these communities share the same ambitions? Are these friendships merely manufactured by those of us who believe the unmasking of our genuine dreams and aspirations will lead to ridicule and laughter?

A chameleon is considered a master of disguise within the animal kingdom, changing his color to duplicate his surroundings; he can become whoever is demanded within the urgency of the occasion.

We are chameleons.

We modify what we are revolving around the company in which we associate to avoid mockery, eventually resulting in the quiet disappearance of who we actually desire to be.

Never be ashamed of your ambition.

To the chameleon:

Never be ashamed of your ambition. Never fear the ridicule. Never fear the mockery. Never be apologetic of your true identity.

Dream big. Follow your ambition. Be you.

We are all chameleons in one-way or another, but why? Why do we feel it crucial to harmonize our ideals with the ideals of one another?

The idea of conforming to fit into a certain social situation to avoid disdain is a misfortune most, if not all, of us fall victim to.

Please, join me in the journey of self-acceptance, deferring from the judgment.

From one chameleon to another.


Self discovery.

Does one truly ever know the entirety of their own thoughts, passions, & dreams, or do we all live in a state of uncertainty?

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” Gustave Flaubert

Come with me as I discover my own passions & ambitions, while also helping you discover yours.


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