From the daughter.

No matter the profession, no matter the wealth (or lack there of), no matter the social status, no matter the age, no matter the conditions, individuals struggle with psychological disorders each and every day.

Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders, and countless other dangerous disorders prey on a community of individuals which have fallen victim to traumatic experiences, or simply have been diagnosed from adolescence.

Immeasurable numbers of these victims come forward to try to make a difference within society and while coming forward takes a strong act of courage, there are many unsung heroes related to the matter.

Who are these unnamed heroes?

The children.

The children raised by parents with psychological disorders.The children forced to experience their parent’s highs and lows, resulting in the seclusion from societal norms and companions.The children, not having an alternative, becoming independent and mature much younger than expected.

How do I know this?

I know this because I am that child. I was the child experiencing the highs and lows. I was the child being forced into seclusion. I was the child with independence and maturity. It was me. It IS me.

To the other children:

You are not alone. You do not have to seclude yourself from others, afraid that they may discover the secret hiding in your home. You are strong and you are independent. You are not at fault, this is a disease of the mind caused by nothing you could have prevented nor done. Do not be ashamed of your parent. Do not treat them differently. Love and cherish them unconditionally, because one day they may not be there to love you unconditionally in return.

To mom:

Thank you. Thank you for raising me to be the strong, independent, mature woman I have become. Thank you for supporting me, encouraging me, and loving me completely. I know now that I was not at fault and neither were you.

I miss you.

I will see you later.

From the daughter.


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